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Workplace Solutions

We are experts at crafting workplace solutions that optimize results while engaging employees, enhancing the customer experience, and building profitability. We want to help you attain your business goals. We’ve worked with every department across organizations and are masters at optimizing the way you work across functions. We work closely with executive teams to design and deliver results in a way that produces profitability and optimizes […]

Executive Advancement

We work with highly successful leaders who want to get even more out of their life and career. Career-wise, we will help you accelerate your rise to the top with unique approaches to goal setting, prioritization, delegation, stakeholdering, personal branding, performance maximization, negotiations, business development, and more. We have done-for-you tools ready for you to leverage immediately and often create customized tools based on your […]

Latest Thinking

With almost 20 years experience in management consulting, our CEO Suz O’Donnell is proud to be a thought leader and industry spokesperson for many important issues facing business people today, including change management, leadership development, and diversity and inclusion. She is proud to be the author of the Career-Family Formula, and her expertise is featured in several noted magazine and newspaper articles, including US News […]

Thrivatize: Attaining Your Goals

The success of every company depends on clear goals, effective leaders, and engaged individuals.  Do you want to merely attain the objectives laid out for you by the Board or C-Suite or do you want to thrive as an individual and ensure your team surpasses expectations while having more fun doing it?

Here at Thrivatize, we are experts in helping you attain your business goals through people.  All business goals require some sort of change.  In order to get your people to enable the changes needed to optimize success, you need to set a clear direction, engage all the right stakeholders in the right way, provide the right tools and resources to achieve the goals, and ensure everyone knows and understands what’s going on the whole time.  You’d be surprised how much more you can achieve in less time when you prioritize your goals, ensure clarity, and provide continuous mechanisms for two-way feedback.

Thrivatize offers executive advisory services, leadership coaching, group workshops, strategy sessions, and management consulting to help you, your team, and your company THRIVE.  Our business partners are typically executive level business leaders, human resources, and diversity & inclusion teams.  Our individual clients are typically executive level business leaders looking to secure an important promotion, big raise, or vital career-life balance.

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Upcoming Events

September 19, 2017: Building Your Executive Brand, Women’s Energy Summit, Chicago

September 26, 2017: Getting What You Want from the Executive Committee: Time, Budget, and Respect. Association of Change Management Practitioners, Chicago.

October 19, 2017: Tribal Organizations – Maximizing the Value of Your Tribe, Chicago SHRM

November 16, 2017: Executive Insights on Employee Engagement, Chicago SHRM

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Latest Posts

Wake Up HR! Think Business Growth

Stop being one of those Human Resources Leaders who lives in a constant state of fear that your budget will be cut. If you form strategic partnerships with business line leaders to support business growth and innovation, instead of getting your budget cut, you will get additional funding. Think beyond the initiatives you’ve done for years, and even beyond what you’ve been asked to do. […]

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Three Critical Employee Factors in Accelerating Your Company’s Growth

Many companies overlook the impact of employee engagement upon business growth. If you have a service-based company, you know your customer-facing employees are the most critical resource for delivering an outstanding customer experience. If you have a product-based company, I’ve got news for you: you are still a services company. Even the most innovative product requires humans to design the product, develop innovations, create the […]

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Why Should You Care About Employee Happiness? One CEO Tells All

  We recently sat down with J. Schwan, founder and CEO of Solstice Consulting, to talk about the “happiness factor” in business success, and how employee engagement and happiness not only lead to better performance and retention, but greater customer and client satisfaction and success. Solstice is on track to exceed 450 employees by the end of the year, more than doubling their headcount over […]

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Your personal brand brand is everything

It affects your career trajectory, transforms the way your boss and colleagues view you, and inspires people to follow your ideas and leadership. Your professional brand decides if you get the next raise or promotion, and whether or not you get special privileges, such as the flexibility to work from home.

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