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Suz O'Donnell is the founder and CEO of Thrivatize, which helps individuals, teams, and companies optimize success. Leveraging almost 20 years in management consulting, strategic facilitation, and leadership coaching, she helps executive leaders activate their team to exceed business goals. As an expert at leading large-scale change at Fortune 500 companies, she knows what it takes to successfully manage change and optimize results.

Suz’s business advice has been featured by U.S. News & World Report, American Express Open, the Association of Change Management Practitioners, Big 4 Magazine, the Diversity Council, and many more.

Suz possesses a special energy that simultaneously helps you feel calm and motivates you to act. She’s certified in Executive Coaching, Personal Branding, Talent Management, and Workshop Facilitation. She's worked with clients in almost every industry and every function in their organization including Accenture, Cisco, EY, Gallup, Eli Lilly, Walmart, Time Warner, Kimberly-Clark, Vail Resorts, Genentech-Roche, NiSource, Motorola, USG, Grainger, U.S. Cellular, RSM, Digitas, and many more.

Personally, Suz has always been very effective getting what she wants for her career, consistently getting promoted quicker than standard rates, and was able to reach her “career jungle gym” goals by successfully re-inventing herself several times over. Early in her career she was seen by her colleagues as the go-to person to help them get what they wanted for their careers also.

Suz O’Donnell has been helping people maximize their performance, build their brands, and get what they want for their careers for almost 20 years. When she first graduated from college, it was a hobby that came naturally as her peers and superiors sought her out, time and time again, for her advice. She helped them manage their teams more successfully, get the roles they wanted, and negotiate the promotions and raises they desired.  Over the past couple of decades, she made it official by securing certifications in personal branding and executive coaching, launching her own firm, and helping 1,000s of people get what they want.

The top two things that make Suz stand out from all other executive advisors are:

1) She has solid business experience! Unlike other trainers and executive coaches, Suz has been in your shoes. She has led major business initiatives and knows what it takes to achieve your goals, exceed everyone's expectations, and have a balanced life while doing it. Yes, she can coach you on leadership style. She can also provide you strategic solutions for your everyday business decisions.

2) Her passion for helping others get what they want for their lives and careers is what enables her to be the best executive advisor you can find! Suz has a consistent track record of helping people who are already highly successful achieve even more than they knew was possible.

Suz is also the author of the Career-Family Formula and proud mother of a hilarious boy, creative girl, and friendly dog. She is married to a wonderful man who helps her balance all the amazing things life and work offer. She loves international travel, improv comedy, volunteering, and Zumba.

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