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We help executives pressured with implementing major growth and innovation initiatives excite and engage employees and customers for business success.

Whether you are enhancing workplace culture, launching a new product line, implementing an IT system, or expanding globally, people are the most important ingredient in successful change adoption.

Corporate changes require your leaders to up their game. Employees need to understand the big picture from the CEO, what this means for their team from their executive leader, and the impact on them as an individual from their direct manager.

Good managers must up their game to be great managers in times of change. Even when the change is positive, managers need to go the extra mile to retain employees, ensure they digest and apply training, maintain progress toward ongoing goals, and drive toward the new objectives in a sustainable way. It’s also crucial that leaders “walk the talk” in supporting the business goals. Employees often gain inspiration from CEO messages, but they perform based on the words and actions of their direct managers.

Two-way communication is the backbone of successful business change. In times of change, it’s important to balance consistent, yet customized messages to ensure everyone knows what’s going on in a way that is clear to them. Gaining continuous feedback from impacted employees and customers enables you to gauge your progress, know when to shift course, and gain their support in maximizing success.

Even if you aren’t the executive sponsor or change leader, you should seriously consider gaining support during this time. It’s important to digest what the business change means to you (your career, your family, etc.) before you can “walk the talk” with your employees. Once you know what the change means to you, you can ensure that your team members believe in the purpose for change, understand what it means to them, participate in training, and demonstrate success.

Change Advisory Services

  • Executive Advisory for Key Sponsors and Transformation Initiative Leaders
  • Change Leadership Coaching for People Managers
  • Change Management Advisory for Organizational Development, Human Resources, and Process Improvement Leaders

Change Management Consulting Services

  • Change Management Strategy Design
  • Change Readiness & Impact Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Leaders, Employees, Customers, Partners, etc.)
  • Communications Planning & Implementation
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • Change Leadership Training
  • Change Network Design & Implementation

Hot Trend: Advisory vs Consulting

Our team possesses extensive organizational change experience with major companies. While we are happy to provide traditional organizational change consulting, we also offer a unique option in our change advisory services. With our advisory services, we create customized advice for you based on your organization’s culture and goals, while your team executes on the day-to-day activities of the business transformation. Gone are the days when you need a consultant on-site 50 hours per week for two years to be successful. Leverage our advisory services to get the customized support you need while teaching your team to lead change now…and the next time!

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