Are Your Customer Growth Initiatives Missing A Critical Component?

First appeared as a Forbes Coaches Council article on March 28, 2018. While on the surface, a customer-first culture seems like the most obvious way to drive business growth, it usually backfires. Most of these initiatives result in employees feeling like their ideas and feedback are not valued, even if their ideas and feedback are directly from the customers they work with every day. To […]

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Top Trends For Organic Business Growth In 2018

First appeared as a Forbes Coaches Council article on January 2, 2018. When you look at the trends for organic business growth, it all comes down to employee engagement and customer experience. While  practically every business has pledged to work on these areas over the past 10 years, the difference in 2018 is that people are actually putting serious money behind it. In fact, in […]

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How To Avoid Losing People, Productivity And Profit During Mergers And Acquisitions

First appeared as a Forbes Coaches Council article on December 5, 2017. When a company is considering a merger or acquisition, its leaders conduct an abundance of research on the other company’s customer base and how it does business, and they perform rigorous legal and financial due diligence. What is almost always forgotten — and is the biggest risk once you’ve committed to the investment […]

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Three Ways Helping Hurricane Survivors Can Help Your Business

First published on Forbes, Sept. 26, 2017. Since August, two gigantic forces have dominated the news: Harvey and Irma. Every time we turn on our television, radio, or scroll through our favorite social media site, there they are. For those of us not directly impacted by the hurricanes, going to the office seems to bring a sense of normalcy, yet we still have an underlying […]

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Five Tips For How Growing Companies Can Reach Their Goals

First appeared as a Forbes Coaches Council article on September 5, 2017. An airplane seatmate recently told me that a major division of a Fortune 500 company held an all-hands meeting for its sales staff to announce the goal of growing its business by 20%. Sounds like a big goal, right? In the same meeting, it was announced that bonuses would be eliminated. What? Salespeople are […]

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How to Keep Attention on Business Growth No Matter How Busy You Are

We know it’s important to take the time to explore new ways to innovate and grow our businesses, but who has the time to stop and do that? It often seems impossible to shoehorn one more task into your never-ending to-do list. However, it becomes a danger and liability to your organization to let too much time lapse between considering innovation strategies. The first way […]

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Wake Up HR! Think Business Growth

Stop being one of those Human Resources Leaders who lives in a constant state of fear that your budget will be cut. If you form strategic partnerships with business line leaders to support business growth and innovation, instead of getting your budget cut, you will get additional funding. Think beyond the initiatives you’ve done for years, and even beyond what you’ve been asked to do. […]

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Three Critical Employee Factors in Accelerating Your Company’s Growth

Many companies overlook the impact of employee engagement upon business growth. If you have a service-based company, you know your customer-facing employees are the most critical resource for delivering an outstanding customer experience. If you have a product-based company, I’ve got news for you: you are still a services company. Even the most innovative product requires humans to design the product, develop innovations, create the […]

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Why Should You Care about Employee Happiness? One CEO Tells All

  We recently sat down with J. Schwan, founder and CEO of Solstice Consulting, to talk about the “happiness factor” in business success, and how employee engagement and happiness not only lead to better performance and retention, but greater customer and client satisfaction and success. Solstice is on track to exceed 450 employees by the end of the year, more than doubling their headcount over […]

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