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We work with highly successful leaders who want to get even more out of their life and career.

Career-wise, we will help you accelerate your rise to the top with unique approaches to goal setting, prioritization, delegation, stakeholdering, personal branding, performance maximization, negotiations, business development, and more. We have done-for-you tools ready for you to leverage immediately and often create customized tools based on your specific goals.

Leadership-wise, whether you are a corporate exec or a small business owner, your leadership style guides everything! It drives the way your employees perform, it impacts how your customers view your organization, and it is the essence of how you feel every day! We support you in better understanding your leadership strengths, determining how to optimize the performance of your team, and how to feel less stressed doing it all!

Balance-wise, we work with a lot of stressed out leaders who want to continue rising in their career while also finding the balance they need to obtain their health and family goals. Our founder, Suz O’Donnell, is amazing at helping successful executives attain more for their career, get more quality time with their family, and reduce stress simultaneously.

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"Suz has a special energy that simultaneously helps you feel calm and motivates you to act.”

Senior Director, Fortune 500 Tech Company

"Investing in Thrivatize’s services more than paid for itself in this one career bump. Plus I will continue to benefit from this career move and higher base pay exponentially for years to come - both financially and in work - life balance and happiness."

Vice President, Sport Entertainment Giant

"I thought I was completely prepared for the conversations to engage my support network, but when I went to practice them with Suz, I learned so much more. Not only was it incredibly different talking to a real person, but she had great tips on tone of voice, posture, and memory techniques that made the real conversations go very well."

Vice President Advertising Agency

"I like the way she balances challenging me with supportive motivation."

Vice President, Marketing Agency

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