Career/Family Balance


We strongly believe in increasing gender parity at the top of organizations. As we researched why this is such a tough challenge, we found that having kids causes women and their colleagues to unconsciously question their desired career trajectory.

It’s our mission to make sure that women who want to continue rising in their career while planning and balancing a family have all of the same opportunities as everyone else. We help build confidence, enhance leadership reputation, and even help you delegate things you should have delegated years ago to help your career while finding more time with your family.

If you are a Senior Executive planning or balancing a family and would like to work 1:1 to ensure your leadership reputation continues to rise during this time, click here to schedule a conversation with our team.

If you are interested in planning one of our group events for your women’s leadership organization, click here.  

What people are saying about “Three Common Career Mistakes Professional Women Make When Planning & Balancing a Family ...and HOW TO AVOID THEM!”

Three Common Career Mistakes Professional Women Make When Planning & Balancing a Family ...and HOW TO AVOID THEM!

“Very engaging, fun, interactive, and the time flew!"

"I walked away with something tangible that I knew I needed to do for myself."

“I like that her advice and experience are very applicable (not just theoretical).”

By participating in this workshop:

  • You'll learn how to avoid the common mistakes other professional women make that leave them feeling unfulfilled at work, guilty at home, and stressed out.
  • You'll be able to distinguish which risk factors are under your control and how you can influence the risk factors that seem to be out of your control.
  • You'll leave with a three-step plan to ensure you get what you want for yourself, your career, and your family!

This workshop is for you if you feel:

  • Overwhelmed trying to have a fruitful career while also planning a family or attempting to spend quality time with your children
  • Worried that having kids has or will affect your career trajectory
  • Are concerned your brand as a “go-getter” has or will change based on your family plans
  • Women who have children are not only paid less than men, they are also paid less than women without children?!