Personal Brand Optimization

Your personal brand is everything

It affects your career trajectory, transforms the way your boss and colleagues view you, and inspires people to follow your ideas and leadership. Your professional brand decides if you get the next raise or promotion, and whether or not you get special privileges, such as the flexibility to work from home.


Individual Solutions

You may already have a great reputation, but our job is to optimize your personal brand and make more people aware of all the amazing things you’re doing to help you build your career or business.

Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

Your personal brand defines the brand of your business.


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Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to be what they think will build business and not who they actually are. The best way to build your business is to identify who you are at the core and attract clients who want to work with you based on your skills and experience, not what you think the market wants. If you try to be something that you aren’t, you will fail. If you fully share who you are, how you can help others, and how you can do it better than anyone else, you will soar!

We are amazing at helping you properly identify your unique characteristics, how they differentiate you from everyone else, and how you articulate it to attract more clients that you love. Don’t be one of the lemmings that tries to market themselves in the same fashion as everyone else. Work with us to figure out how you are different and why you are better than everyone else.

Corporate Professional


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Your personal brand is what gets you the roles you want, the raise and bonus you desire, and the special privileges, such as the ability to work from home. However, it’s more than that: it also affects how easy or difficult your job is on a daily basis, how much your employees trust and follow you, and how much your superiors micromanage you versus trusting you to do things your way. Your personal brand sets the stage for your team brand, and building the brand of your employees reflects on your brand too.

Hot Trend: Delegation Leads to Success

The less you delegate, the more people see you doing the less strategic work and identify you with the work you should not be doing. The more you delegate, the more you free up your time for more strategic work or spend more time on personal passions, which in return enables greater innovation the next day at work.

We recently worked with a Senior Director on prioritizing and delegating. Within one month of working with us, she received several comments on the level of strategic work she was doing, her employees were more engaged by doing more, and she was able to spend 10 hours a week more with her family, which was one of her personal goals.  
Stop killing your reputation by performing tasks that someone else can do. Chances are these tasks are the least exciting part of your job, keeping you at work longer hours, and perpetuating the image that those low-level activities are what you do best. Work with us to delegate more, feel less stressed, and be seen as a much more strategic leader.  


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