Three Surefire Ways to Motivate Attainment of Your Top Goals

Three Surefire Ways to Motivate Attainment of Your Top Goals

As we launch into a new year, you are likely setting both personal and business goals. Many find that their lofty goals wane by the end of January so here are a few tips to ensure you make progress towards the goals you set.

Create small successes

People often set goals in January to lose 20 pounds or grow business by 20%, but these goals will take so long to achieve that it quickly begins to feel like day to day behaviors don’t matter. When daily actions don’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of the annual goal, people quickly resort to old behaviors and short-term desires to do something else, which derails progress toward the goal.

When you set big goals that are intended to take months or years to reach, it’s important to define what small successes you can attain along the way. Break down your plan into steps and minor achievements. Then truly celebrate each one you reach. For instance, if you want to lose 20 pounds, give yourself an intermediate goal of losing five pounds in January, four in February, three in March and so on. Every time you complete a workout, pat yourself on the back or put a smiley face on your calendar to recognize a job well done. Such small successes keep up morale and keep motivation sharp.

Alternatively, with business goals, the results often increase over time. In a workshop I led last week with 12 CEOs, one person recognized that he expected to see 50% of his annual growth to come in the last quarter of 2018. Now that doesn’t mean his team can sit idle until then. He created specific metrics around calls, and events that need to take place each month in order to build stronger relationships quarter over quarter to culminate in a significant increase by the end of the year.

Engage others

Share your goal with the people in your life so they can support you. If you want a promotion to SVP by end of next year, strategize who can help you define what you need to achieve in order to be promoted. Who are the decision makers who need to be aware of your experience, achievements, and readiness for the new role? Who will be a good cheerleader to help keep your morale and determination strong?

Don’t just tell work goals to your colleagues and personal goals to your friends and family. Let the people in your circle support you across areas of your life. Your spouse or significant other should know exactly what your work goals are and how to support you both logistically and emotionally. Your co-workers should understand your family goals, such as helping you get home in time for a family dinner goal, and making sure they don’t disturb you during that time. The main office team at JB Training Solutions often works out together. What a great way to help each other meet their fitness goals and build it in as a team activity too!

Check yourself!

Do you actually care about this goal? Does it matter more than other things that would compete with you achieving this goal? If you find a couple months into working toward a goal that you really aren’t motivated to achieve it, then adjust it or create a new one all together! You must be enthusiastic enough to reach your goal or you will just frustrate yourself with trying and failing to achieve something you don’t want. If you feel unmotivated because your goal currently feels out of reach, think outside the box for another way to make it possible. Be open to tweaking a goal until it feels like it’s a good fit for you and something you’ll be able to stay committed to through any obstacles.

You can have the best plans and resources to reach a goal, but without the appropriate motivation, you just won’t get there. And if your business is going through changes such as an acquisition, a new IT system, or organizational restructuring, motivation requires even more attention so that productivity doesn’t dip.

For addressing these big business changes, contact me or read my recent Forbes article Five Tips for How Growing Companies Can Reach Their Goals. Keep these strategies in mind so you and your company will keep your achievements on track.

I like to say that “a goal without motivation is just stress, but a goal with motivation is success.” Determine goals that motivate you and achieve them!

If you are an executive looking to knock your 2018 goals out of the ballpark, email to make an appointment with me to discuss your top goals, challenges, and the number one step you should take to achieve them.

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