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We are experts at crafting workplace solutions that optimize results while engaging employees, enhancing the customer experience, and building profitability.

We want to help you attain your business goals. We’ve worked with every department across organizations and are masters at optimizing the way you work across functions. We work closely with executive teams to design and deliver results in a way that produces profitability and optimizes your company culture simultaneously!

Hot Trend:  Optimizing Productivity

Optimizing productivity at work means doing some things for your work-life balance too! PDAs were initially invented to make things easier for people who worked in roles that kept them away from their desks. Now they’ve turned our society into a place where everyone is checking their work email all the time. Checking work email all night long creates inefficiency, develops disengagement over time, and reduces innovation in your business.  

Think about it: at 8pm you see you received an email. You feel like you need to reply. You do so with a short one sentence reply.  Others feel like they need to do the same; now there is a series of poorly thought-out, one-sentence emails being sent while people are attempting to spend time with their family, work out, or merely relax...and this snowball of emails continues past 10pm.  

After-hours emails create a sense of “what will they think if I don’t reply” stress (unconsciously creating disengagement for your team); many of these people will continue to think about the issue overnight (not sleeping well will reduce their effectiveness at work the next day), and the content in the series of emails will probably be of low quality! If the email chain began at 8am on a weekday, everyone would be in their work mindframe, free from distractions, and have all the tools and resources they need at their fingertips to provide the highest quality solution.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  What about all the meetings and reports you have that are either unnecessary altogether or far longer than they need to be? Let us help you increase your team’s productivity at work while also enabling more life balance!  

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