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  • Leadership Development Training & Coaching
  • Executive Advisory
  • Hi-Po Program Design & Delivery
  • Talent & Strengths Assessments
  • Engagement, Retention, and Promotion of Diverse Talent
  • Performance Management Optimization
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Organization Change Management
  • Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
  • Professional Brand / Personal Brand


Your employees are everything.  They drive productivity, innovation, and customer engagement. The more you invest in developing your talented resources, the more you will see their engagement rise, your culture improve, and your income soar.

Your employees engage or disengage customers, they enhance or diminish efficiency, and they increase or decrease revenue. Companies that invest in continuously developing their employees are the most innovative, successful, and profitable.

Hot Trend: Performance management optimization

A trend we’ve seen in the past couple of years is companies eliminating performance management reviews.  Some of the benefits of this include reducing the burden of data entry for managers and eradicating forced rankings.  In organizations with a highly talented workforce, requiring that specific percentages of employees have to fall into each level of “Best, Good, Bad, Worst” is completely disengaging.

On the flip side, eliminating performance reviews has resulted in some undesirable consequences: in some organizations, there is no longer any consistency in how often managers check in with their employees on how they are doing, what challenges they are facing, what they do best, what they want to learn, and what their career aspirations are. In these organizations, people with managers who intuitively enjoy doing this are doing fine. People with managers who don’t think about this, or aren’t particularly good at it, are floundering. Similarly, without any rating system, some companies are struggling with how to determine who gets promoted, bonused, or offered a raise.

You can certainly do away with the words "performance management," but don’t do away with the spirit of what it was intended for: regular conversations to support the development of your talented employees!


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